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Rihanna is Fun on Instagram of the Day

The bad news in this is that I saw a video of Rihanna on a boat, wasted as fuck, posted to her friend INSTAGRAM …but I was out of the house staring at girls in bikinis tanning…and I didn’t have a chance to download it before it got pulled…I am a bad blogger like that…but I will tell you this…the breakdown is coming…she was fucking wasted and it was amazing…but all we have to show for it are a few shitty instagram pics…which don’t really showcase just how wasted during the day this Rihanna girl is…so wasted that you know she’s feeling sadness…sadness I wish she was feeding with my cock cuz she’s hot..and so is her friend in the white bikini….

Here’s a bonus see through pic of her…cuz we like her nipples…

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  • Phillip McCracken

    what a complete and totally skanky piece of shit. in fact id rather fuck a gooey piece of shit than this dirty fucking whore

  • Billy Ray

    Have fun fucking a gooey piece of shit.