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Lydia Hearst’s Malibu Beach Party of the Day

My friend Lydia Hearst had a beach house party in Malibu yesterday, and seeing as she’s a lovely girl whose breasts I have seen in pictures, I figured I would make an appearance and try to creep her out, possibly by staring at her from the closet, or by hugging her just a little too long…

The party was for the Launch of her site LoveLydiaHearst….a place where we can only hope she posts compelling pics of her tits, for fashion, as part of the updates, every once in a while, cuz it isn’t sleazy that way and she’s a classy lady, a classy lady that I can still masturbate to while I cry, because she has a man, and all I have is the memories…and now the stains.

So follow her site…she’s good…show support to a babe who supports stepFATHER… LoveLydiaHearst.com

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