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Gabby Hoffman’s Full Frontal in Crystal Fairy of the Day

Her name is Gabby Hoffman and she’s disgusting…I mean don’t really understand how she gets in movies to begin with, not that she’s really known, but she does have an IMDB and one of her movies is aptly named HAIRY BIRD….

She is up on that Lena Dunham disgusting but gets naked kick, and the only saving grace she really has is that she’s got a bush, because I am a bush enthusiast, unfortunately, her bush is done all fucking wrong and is not one glorious enough to want to cum on, but rather one I fear…like getting up in that would be worse than some jungle fucking safari tour, and keep me in mind, I am a firm believer in bush, I want to protest bikini waxing studios…because I feel we lost our way when they started popping up…you know it was the beginning of the end for mankind…

Either way, if you’re wondering how Gabby Hoffman happened…her parents were well connected…and she’s got shitty tits…

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  • Buck

    She was the adorable kid in just about everything in the 80s.

    Then puberty hit and thinks got awkward….and then really bad.

  • dukestr

    Time for the Weed Wacker!!!

  • Travis

    I remember when she was in Uncle Buck, Sleepless In Seattle & the original remake of Freaky Friday.

    The years have not been kind…