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Elizabeth Hurley is Old, Sloppy and Amazing at the Pool of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley may be melting away…her flesh may be hanging off her while in her bikini…she may not be a tone, fit, amazing bikini model now that she’s 100, but for some reason, a reason I call being a pervert who appreciates what was, and can accept what is because it once was…she’s amazing..

Now trust me, I hate imperfections, fat bitches, disgusting pussy, anything that is not running at 100 percent, and I hate the whole women falling off thanks to aging…but this is one time I’m loving it…in all it’s disgusting glory…

Maybe it is cuz she’s taken ownership of it, when she normally hides it, or maybe I’m just a freak….but whatever it is…I’m down.

To see the rest of the pics FOLLOW THIS LINK

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  • Big Jack

    Call Liz what you want, but don’t call her fat. She’s delicious.

  • xyz

    She has just turned 47 and she looks alrite for her age, I dont see the problem here unless someone is really dumb

  • dave

    The problem is that when you have even a hint of cottage cheese butt you aren’t supposed to wear a narrow brief nor bend over in a too-short sundress.

    Nobody expects her to look hot until the day she dies but at what age should a person not show so much skin? In my mind it varies per person but for her it was before now. It’s just a shame that photographers still invade her life with pics, literally waiting around for a bent over butt shot. What scumbags!