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Christy Turlington’s Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign of the Day

Christy Turlington is some 44 year old amazing model who still has it going on…who has been modeling for Calvin Klein since 1987…that’s 26 fucking years…and she’s still bringing it and that blows my fucking mind because historically, at least as far as I’m concerned, models who are 26, not who have been modeling for 26 years…are already too old, haggard, fat, falling apart at the seams, damaged from all the hard fucking their way to the top, coupled with cocaine and AIDS they got from the A-Listers they had inside them, thinking it was real love, before realizing A-Listers don’t give a fuck about anyone, not even amazing models, because there’s hundreds just as hot and just as willing without all the headaches that normals have to put up with for fear of dying alone…

Anyway, mind fuck or not, half naked Christy Turlington, despite being a married soccer mom in her 40s, blows my fucking mind, which is good enough for me…and it’s really all about me…isn’t it.

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