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Christy Turlington Naked in a Magazine in 1995 of the Day

Christy Turlington nude in Vogue magazine 1995_XX003

As the kids on instagram would say #TBT

Throwback Thursday…

If you’re like me, I like to use the #TBT to see how vile and disgusting and horribly these people doing the #TBT have aged…because most of the time, I am saying “where did it all go wrong….those were the good days…and now you’re just 20 years older and broken”….

But the nice thing is something I learned many years ago when I used to jerk off to bikini pics from the 60s, in the 90s, knowing those women were either in old folks homes or dead…and for some reason the thought of the ghost of what was…made me cum…

Sure Christy Turlington isn’t dead…but her sex appeal is definitely no longer this…but I could just be overly excited by this because I love bush.

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Adriana Lima and Christy Turlington in LOVE of the Day

LOVE MAGAZINE managed to take two old timer, professional models…who if they were instagram whores would write “Published Model”, because both managed to crawl out of whatever tall girl awkwardness they grew up in and make millions…and turn them into silly looking clowns..

I do not understand what the hell is going on here, but I dare you to try to jerk off to the pics…it’s challenging…that I know for sure…but maybe I’m just desensitized and like my models naked…especially when I’ve seen both naked…

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Christy Turlington’s Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign of the Day

Christy Turlington is some 44 year old amazing model who still has it going on…who has been modeling for Calvin Klein since 1987…that’s 26 fucking years…and she’s still bringing it and that blows my fucking mind because historically, at least as far as I’m concerned, models who are 26, not who have been modeling for 26 years…are already too old, haggard, fat, falling apart at the seams, damaged from all the hard fucking their way to the top, coupled with cocaine and AIDS they got from the A-Listers they had inside them, thinking it was real love, before realizing A-Listers don’t give a fuck about anyone, not even amazing models, because there’s hundreds just as hot and just as willing without all the headaches that normals have to put up with for fear of dying alone…

Anyway, mind fuck or not, half naked Christy Turlington, despite being a married soccer mom in her 40s, blows my fucking mind, which is good enough for me…and it’s really all about me…isn’t it.

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Christy Turlington’s Sheer Shirt for Harper’s Bazzar of the Day

Maybe I’m just old as fuck….and have a soft spot for Christy Turlingtong because I used to jerk off to her in 90.

Or maybe I just like the way she looks, despite being old…and a mom….two things that are usually depressing, a fail, a flaw in a woman’s character and life choices…

Because looking at her in this summer’s Harper’s Bazaar, I think I’ve just learned how to fall in love again….Like I wasn’t an angry jaded pervert disappointed with everything sent my way….because let’s face it….she’s lovely as fuck and something I’d love to fuck.

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Christy Turlington’s My Girlfriend of the Day

Christy Turlington is my girlfriend…sure it’s not official…I’ve just started promising her the world of my romance…you know holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes…til the end of time….because she’s a beautiful ex-model, current model, doing model shit modeling….into her 40s and still looking sexy to me…but I could just be saying that because I am blinded by love….and here she is modeling for who fucking cares…I’m going back to her instagram to plot how I am going to ruin her happy marriage…

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Christy Turlingtong for Madame le Fiagaro June 2011 of the Day

Christy Turlington is some 42 year old model you probably masturbated to in the late 80s and early 90s and amazingly she’s still getting modeling work at 42…even after having 2 kids with some actor named Ed Burns…and the whole thing is a fucing mystery to me…why do so many bitches get disgusting by 30, before even having kids, while others just power through the shit…

Either way, she’s showing what may be a bit of mom nipple, and a whole lot of mom leg, and I guess living the good life and getting paid to be hot pussy makes a legendary model stay legendary or some shit….but then again, we have no idea what condition her mom pussy is in, which could easily take away everything nice I just wrote about the bitch..ya heard…

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Christy Turlington’s Bad Plastic Surgery of the Day

Christy Turlington looks like she was attacked by her plastic surgeon which I guess makes sense since she made a name for herself as a model you jerked off to and now she’s in her 40s, something I am sure is harder for models who have only been valued for their looks all their lives, to come to terms with, not that I care about the emotional struggles of a bitch with more money than she deserves for being hot, I only care about the emotional struggles of a bitch who is at rock bottom from either addiction, failure, low self esteem, cuz they actually put out…..I’m talking ex-strippers or ex hookers or the bitches I meet at the battered women group therapy sessions…this ex-model turmoil is boring and obnxious as fuck….but here she is getting work in her underwear cuz she’s still holdin’ on as hard as she can to never admit she’s done.

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