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Rihanna Has Short Shorts of the Day

If I was a reclusive, socially awkward, hermit, virgin loser weirdo of a blogger, which I like to think I am. but I get bored and have to leave the house and interact with babes on the regular, because babes are fun to either have sex with, or try to have sex with, or even just look at their tits when they tell stupid stories.

Then I would think these Rihanna in short short, shorts that show her ass cheek, were shocking and amazing, like Rihanna was on her exhibitionist, I’m so rich, all I see is signs, bullshit…but the fact is that every single girl rocks these things…and every single time I see it…it blows my pervert mind…because I never knew a life like this existed and I never knew true love would be found in a piece of clothing…

Good times.

To see pics of her in a hot one-piece hipster outfit – CLICK HERE

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  • Willie M

    OMG!! Rihanna AGAIN?!?!? Im So Sick of this Nasty Slut.

  • eric

    I love HER!! sexiest woman ever