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Kate Upton Modeling for Redemption of the Day

This is a step up for Kate Upton, you know a company is properly using her, and instead of squeezing her awkward sloppy fat chick body into a bikini that doesn’t fit properly, they have put her in some clothes, where she can take ownership on her fat chick body, and show off her fat chick tits, to get male attention, rather than humiliate herself half naked.

I mean this is the play all fat girls use in clubs to get laid, it only makes sense for Kate Upton to be doing the same…

Sure I am a firm believer she should be modelling cake, or good southern BBQ, or even some cattle convention, you know things where fat chicks are welcome, like the plus sized Big and Tall shop, or hip hop videos, but this is a step in the right direction for this porker, anything that gets her out of her bikini…is doing a good thing for the people who wrongfully think she’s hot…

Save the bikinis for the hot bodies. I can see enough bikini train wrecks on instagram.

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  • Bill

    Calling Kate Upton fat and not hot….you are either completely insane or this is some sort of sarcastic article that is supposed to be funny and is failing miserably. I am having a hard time deciding.

  • Mike

    What an idiotic commentary to accompany these images of an extremely beautiful woman. Kate Upton is extremely hot and, despite her not fitting into a size zero, extremely desirable to 99.9% of men across America. DrunkenStepfather, you are an absolute moron and will receive exactly zero traffic from me moving forward.

  • Myles

    WTF?!? If Kate Upton is fat, then I have to rethink my priorities in womens appearances.

  • Trollington

    Troll post is troll post

  • Milo

    You can be over a size 0 and still have a womanly shape. Kate has no waist, a flat ass, weird as fuck legs and wide stomach and a busted round plain Jane face. They’re pulling out all the stops to keep marketing her and kudos to them because they’re masking her dumpy shape well. The black and white, slightly out of focus shots just from the boobs up seem to be doing the trick. I’ve seen some awkward interviews with her as well and there is nothing upstairs either. She’s painfully vapid. This will run it’s course and pass soon enough.

  • Bill

    ^ Get off the internet! You are not welcome here anymore!!