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Rihanna Twerking on the Internet of the Day

Rihanna may be played out…She may be on the verge of losing her fucking mind because the fame game is too much for some ghetto puppet from the Islands to handle…people may hate her, they may find her annoying, they may all her out for being a talentless hack while trying to figure out why she’s famous and so many hotter more talented aren’t…you know trying to sort out who she fucked when underage and who she has dirt on to secure this empire she’s built…because you know it wasn’t just a fluke…But I think she’s pretty fucking perfect..especially when she twerks….I’m a fan.

She’s done it before…to Drake Music….I guess it’s kinda her job…right…

If that’s not good enough – here’s 101 Vine Twerks Compilation

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  • Stella

    After Amanda’s breakdown, I’m wondering when Rihanna’s MK-Ultra programming is going to start going haywire.

  • jcurtisp

    That’s not twerking, she’s got feminine itching!!

  • Big J

    I saw a picture and didn’t know it was her until further inspection. My God she looks like a crackhead

  • csá hogy vagy

  • hát ez …………. fura rihanna nem ismerlek meg hogy ilyen vagy…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!