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Jaime King’s Gross Bikin Baby Bump of the Day

I don’t know who Jamie King is, but I guess I could use google to find out…oh right, she’s some babe model from a long time ago who is now in her 30s and posting pregnant pics of herself in a bikini with hard nipples because like all pregnant chicks thinks the transition her body is going through is some glorious fucking thing the world needs to see when really it should be something done in some bunker somewhere, that no one ever sees happens, making us assume the kid you’re carrying around is adopted, cuz it’s better for your comeback, or more importantly for our impression of your vagina.

This is a fail on so many levels, unless of course you’re one of those lonely freaks into ready to drop porn, knowing a bitch will never let you get her pregnant…and that this is as close as you’ll get to the magic that is child birth pussy ruining.

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