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Jaime King Topless of the Day

Jaime King Topless Holding her Nipples Nude Panties

Jaime King is allowed to be topless on Instagram – unlike people like me – who post topless pics of girls on instagram and get deleted – because she’s famous, apparently, or has famous friends….thanks to being a model when she was 19, addicted to heroin but not overdosing and dying like her boyfriend at the time, but instead aging 25 years and still posting titty pics – cuz it’s her art or some shit….

Her art, that she’s too old to be partaking in, like be a mom, tickle your nipples to keep the breast milk lactating in the privacy of your own home / in the Starbucks and Mall / to offend people who don’t want to see your tits out….cuz they lactation intolerants…don’t tickle your nipples in softcore porno granny.

Point being, I like what is going on here…but I don’t have to agree with it…or support it…or think it’s ok that she can get away with exhibitionism when so many sex workers I know, who don’t have money or rich husbands get deleted fucking up their whole business now that they use IG for sex work, since Backpages got shut down…cu Facebook, despite being publicly traded, is a fucking porno site where you can proposation sluts to fuck for money..or you can pay them 30 dollars a month to watch them finger bang themselves on snapchat like they are Maitland Ward….HYPOCRISY.



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Jaime King Bikini of the Day

Jaime King Tits Blue Bikini

Jaime King has been around for as long as I can remember, at least her titty pics have been around for as long as I can remember, because I got the internet in 1995, and I was already dabbling in slutty celebrity and model nudity, and she was already working in the fashion world as a fashion model – despite only being 14 years old…not that we knew she was 14 years old…not sure if she was doing the underage topless work, that would be illegal even if it was in art/fashion and not for some pervert who owns a videostore…but that came soon after…so she’s a familiar face…

At 39 years old…she’s looking amazing, her body is tight, her ass is tight, her pussy definition mound in a tight bikini looks hardly mangled from years of being in ther industry…and being a mom of 2. It makes no fucking sense…..

Maybe it was the heroin addiction from 14-19….when she was modeling…shit preserved her like all “opiates” do…or maybe it was from having sex with Kid Rock….or maybe it’s just her ego, narcissism, good genes and her acting career that came after the whole heroin addicted model.

I DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS…but dig the pics.

Jaime King Tits Blue Bikini


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Jaime King for Love and Lemons of the Day

Jaime King in a blue dress for Love and Lemons

Jaime King is the new face/body of Love and Lemons, probably a friend deal, you know LA girls all know each other if they are at a certain echelon of success….because why else would a brand want some 38 year old to be their model…it just doesn’t make any logical or scientific sense…it’s gotta be a friend thing…

Everyone who knows who Jaime King is, knows that before she was on whtever TV show she’s on, thanks to acting being a joke of a career that anyone can do..

She was a top NYC model with a huge heroin addiction in the late 90s….so deep into heroin her boyfriend died of an overdose on her…real deal shit…

Far more interesting than this stylized shit that she’s obviously doing to try to still look hot…and I guess the good news is she’s still got that skinny heroin model body…because this fat would be terrible…

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Jaime King for Galore of the Day

Jaime King is an annoying self involved twat who was once a heroin addict model in NYC during a time when her photographer boyfriend died of a heroin overdose…and who turned into a relevant actress…or relevant enough actress, how the fuck did that happen…but it did….

Well, she’s in a magazine in a bikini in her mid 30s, not as hot as her heroin tits topless in the late 90s, but some people don’t give up, like this one,…not giving up…so let’s post their pics because what the fuck else am I doing today..

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Jaime King Topless of the Day


You may not know who Jaime King is…but she was a big enough model in the late 90s or early 2000s, I don’t fucking remember, but I do remember she always showed tits…and I do remember her boyfriend at the time died of a heroin overdose and that’s pretty punk rock…

Apparently she posted this picture on her instagram, I don’t pay attention to instagram – so I can’t confirm or deny it – but like the brilliant reporter I am…digging deep into the depth of the story to mediate it…I’ll post it…just in case it matters….

I am too hungover to bother putting more effort than this in it…

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Jaime King’s Got the Worst Bathing Suit of the Day


Jaime King must be hiding her track marks from when she was a heroin addict with her photographer boyfriend who ended up dying from the heroin…back when she was a model…rockin’ that skinny heroin chic of the late 90s…because she is that old…

She’s also hiding her stomach, because she’s likely got a mangled stomach, probably from c-section scars or just from making babies, as babies destroy a motherfucker’s body..including pussy…and sex appeal and it’s just part of the many reasons you shouldn’t breed..along with kids are ungrateful parasites that mooch off you in every way, that don’t care about you or value you, because you’re expected to be nice to them….

Either way, she’s a terrible actress, totally insincere, but she’s made it work for her…even if you can’t name anything she’s been in, you probably remember her tits in fashion shoots back in the days of internet celebrity nudity gallery sites…that got me into this bullshit in the first place..

She looks so old and beat up…because I guess she is…things end…it happens…nothing is forever…but at least it happened…at least that’s probably what she’s thinking as she’s at the Four Seasons…all rich and fancy…and easily forgotten.


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Jaime King’s In a One Piece of the Day

jk (3)

I call this outfit “I have stretch marks from all the baby making I’ve participated in first hand…just be glad I’m not naked and my vagina isn’t spilling out…pretty much everywhere”….

Her name is Jaime King. She was a model in the 90s, I think…she’s gone onto very important things, like being friends with Taylor Swift….and now she’s taking bikini advice from her…because that’s just how influential Taylor Swift is…

I liked her better when her name was James King and she was on heroin.. at 14…because she tried it on her first modeling job in 1994…when heroin was in…something these lame instagram models will never know….

I guess I’m a purist like that….I am old enough to remember her at 18…and I think there’s something raw and real in a person when living the New York model / party life in that era…something that died when they go Hollywood…

But for a 40 year old…she’s doing ok…as long as she covers the fuck up…

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