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Bouncers in Florida Gone Nuts of the Day

The story goes like this…two bouncers beat the fuck out of two white dude in Florida because they were defending Trayvon Martin…and in defending Trayvon Martin, all white dudes must die…even though the dude who killed Trayvon was a Mexican….and the white dudes get arrested for it.

Bouncers are thugs, their favorite thing is that they can legally beat the fuck out of anyone they want, however aggressive they want.

I have been beat up by bouncers, one was wearing a padded kevlar glove and he pounded my face in, fracturing my sinus. I went to the cops, bleeding all over the place, and they told me that bouncers can do whatever they want in the bar, that I was at fault and if I didn’t get home or to a hospital I would be arrested.

So this video doesn’t surprise me, but it’s clearly excessive and people need to see it….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Monkeys on the loose, is there a zoo next door?

  • Rosarch

    Mexican hah, that fucking loser thinks he is white. He hated Mexicans too. If he saw your Mexican ass he would shoot you too.

    This is what happens to pussies like Henry Lohan Walker above in real life, that is why they have to talk shit on the Internet.

  • Piggles

    Zimmerman wasn’t Mexican. His mother was from Peru… totally different continent….

  • testington

    Trayvon Martin being shot had nothing to do with race, it had to do with a guy who was fucking insane and declared himself protector of the neighborhood it was only a matter of time. But, the way the case was handled by the police and the mess in the courts was some racist bullshit though.

  • Marnie

    The truth is Black people are the most racist people in ‘merica.

  • tc

    Dumb shit bouncers. Just asking for someone to go home and get a gun. I hope they post that part on the internet too.

  • David

    I see.

    4 black dudes get 2 white guys by grabbing one white guy from behind and sucker punching the other white guy when he looks over at his friend.

    Oh, and the black guys hit the white girl too.

  • Jim

    What David said, watch it frame-by-frame.

  • sallysuelee

    You are a piece of no-good, un-evolved being. You talk crap to stir up hate & violence. Do you know what the altercation is about or you just making up shit to create strife.. u should be ashamed of yourself but then again, if you think like you do.. you have no shame. disgraceful