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Kate Upton’s Weird See Through of the Day

Dumpy pig Kate Upton is not just the worst Swimsuit model to ever walk the earth with her really heavy step thanks to weighing 200 fucking pounds….but she’s also the worst at rockin’ see through tops.

I mean you’d think she’d know that her career is falling the fuck off, that people are catching onto her being a pile of shit who doesn’t deserve to be masturbated to, even if her tits are huge….and with that would say “hey, my tits are my key to success, why don’t I skip the bra when I wear this topless shit, flash some nipple and get the adoration of my fans back”….but I guess she realized it would be a liability, because without that bra, those loose hangers have a mid of their own and could either kill, or drown an innocent bystander in a fleshy tidal wave…or maybe, her nipple is big and hangs to the ground like most granny tits…granny tits that have more perk than Upton tit…do…

Whatever the reason, she’s let us down.

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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  • River Guy

    Get a life. You’re either a gay guy or fat, jealous chick. Kate’s gorgeous and you need to get over it or sign up for some therapy.

  • Eddie

    Perky tits = small tits or fake tits.

    I’ll take Kate’s hangers, thank you very much.

  • You fat retard you could get a girl that looks half as good as her. I bet you couldnt lay a 200 pound beast you get no pussy bro and your here bashing girls your pathetic i dont even know how i got on this site fucking pathetic never coming back here again.

  • Durhuhurhur

    Jealous, much?

    Get a fucking life.

  • Submit_comment

    Oh wow, finally someone who shares my view about this chick…

    Most guys say, “damn! I’d bang her, therefore she’s hot”

    Given half a chance I would definitely bang her, but that doesn’t automatically mean that she’s the stuff of dreams.

    She’s in need of a diet, but able to not go on one since she has thin legs.

    To me, she looks like miss piggy, but most people see her massive knockers (probably only massive because she’s rolled them up from the floor) and automatically think that she’s hotter than the best looking girls on the planet…

    Fuck that. Having said that, if you’re reading this Kate, I would deffo bang you.

  • Mac

    I am at a loss of words… the tool who wrote this I bet bangs some pretty good tail, to be able to drop the shit comments I am sorry I read above. LOL….. But lets get real, he is probably some shallow asshole, that spanks it all day and night to the internet, and barely sees daylight because he is too busy on his computer, trying to find the “most beautiful” girl in the world, that is his holy grail of visual masturbation model…. pathetic, and I am now pissed I even spent time commenting on this loser! YOUR SITE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • Mac

    PS- if you don’t like chicks, that’s cool, but don’t rip them apart via the internet because you are gay….