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Olivia Wilde Topless in Drinking Buddies of the DAy

Olivia Wilde irritates me because she changed her name from Cock Burn to Wilde, which in and of itself is kind of pretentious. I mean as a slut trying to make it in America, you’d think she’d embrace Cockburn as a name, since it is something that by default happens to cock after she’s done having unprotected sex with it, I mean that’s probably the whole reason why she’s getting married, I mean once you get Cockburn, you can’t really go fuck other girls, for fear of giving them cockburn too.

Well she’s in a movie, she’s topless, this is apparently the clip.

The movie is called Drinking Buddies. I’ve never heard of it, but I am pretty bummed it doesn’t involve her ass being spread…cuz spread ass is better than this PG-13 shit…

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