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Sharon Stone Old Lady Bikini Pics of the Day

I would say that Sharon Stone is scary, especially in her bikini, because she’s old as fuck, but I kinda like it. I mean sure she’s gone through menopause, and probably 100s of men, giving her a vagina that is probably better to look at in slow motion and zoom watching the Basic Instinct DVD, I mean if you’re scared of an old used pussy, which I’m not…

The fact is, she walks around in see through shirts she just doesn’t give a fuck, almost like senile bitch, confused as fuck, at the grocery store in her underwear, only a little more refined and on luxury vacations, spreading her twat in a bikini, because she’s already put herself out there, and now, as she falls apart, is public domain, ready to be stared at by anyone willing to stare at her…and I am pretty ready to stare at her…

To see you the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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  • Kell

    My you are a useless old/young? man yourself, what a loser.