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Anastasia Ashley the “Twerk Surfer” Fat Ass in her Bikini of the Day

Everyone fell in love with Anastasia Ashley’s Fat Ass Twerking during her surf contest warm-up…so here are some pics of her surfing in her bikini yesterday because surf girls wear their bikinis every fucking day of their fucking lives because that’s their job. They are like the bikini model of sports, only with less tall anorexic bodies and more fit as fuck, lean as fuck, I want to lick the salt of her every inch like I was a dog and it was peanut butter….kinda way….if you know what I mean….which you do…I mean seriously…this fat ass is almost at the point of ridiculous, how does she even surf with that amazing thing…now the one thing I need to figure out is how to make her surf on my face with that thing…or my dick…I’m open minded like that…

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  • cowbulls

    That ass is build for sex and I bet it is damn good. Who gives a shit if she can surf if she knows how to work that ass. I hope her starfish is accessible.