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Doutzen Kroes is Good at Instagram of the Day

I wonder why this mom’s instagram of her in a bikini having a fun summer weekend in a bikini is far hotter than every mom I have on my TWITTER , FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM ..who post bikini pics on those sites without advising a panel of experts because if they advised a panel of expert they would in no way allow them to put up their bikini pics..

It’s like is Doutzen really genetically superior to 99 percent of moms? Or does she just put in work. Are all other moms just lazy and failing, because based on their vacation pics, they pretty much don’t give a fuck and have clearly thrown in the towel…

I mean why is looking at Doutzen Kroes amazing, despite knowing she’s tainted by the black cock and the baby, two strikes against her but still spectacular…

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  • Really?

    Tainted by the black cock? What kind of racist stupidity is that? Suck my enormous cock, jerk.

  • Really?

    Ooops, meant to say enormous white cock, because color is important to you