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2014 Pirelli Calendar Preview of the Day

Patrick Demarchelier & Peter Lindbergh shot the 2014 Pirelli Calendar, which in the past has been pretty fucking hot, naked, slutty…but this year seems boring, tame, and a total misuse of a ton of fucking models who I’m sure have all been totally naked so many times before and who should be totally naked this time together…because that would be new, that would be exciting enough to try to masturbate to, but instead it’s just set up like a shoot your mom got at Sear in the 90s for your dad before he left her for the secretary, wearing her Calvin Klein jeans and a white button down shirt half open, because your mom was a cheesy bitch who always dreamt of being a model…

Worst preview ever…I mean seriously people, step your fucking game up.

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  • Damn my wishes they would go out of business for last years worthless non-nude calendar did not come true.

    If it’s going to stay clothed then I hope those Pirelli calendars die in a fire. Like at the warehouse and shit.

  • SlapHappy

    Wow, that is not flattering at all. Most of those women look rough.

  • Rosarch

    Miranda and the blonde are the only two hot ones.

  • DAMN that black girl looks like one of the friendly little monsters from Land of the Lost.

  • xyz


  • If dis comes true they are going to b fire lyk sodom and gomora

  • If this come true it wil b lyk no one’s business

  • Lita

    Wow! Really, they couldn’t have picked a pretty black girl. All the black models out there and they picked that one!