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Kelly Brook Posted Some Hot Pics to Instagram of the Day

Kelly Brook is an old sloppy big titty bitch…who manages to pull off these decent photoshoots so that every dude who sees her falls in love with her and thinks she’s a amazing…without taking the time to look at what she looks like when she’s not photoshopped to shit….

You see any girl with stupid sized tits, especially when they are real, is going to hormonally be fertile as shit, which Kelly Brook has proven with at least one pregnancy that ended in “tragedy”…and with being fertile as shit..comes sloppy asses, thighs and cellulite..

I like tits… I just think tits get too much hype, so much hype that chubby girls get famous for them. That never made sense to me…I have a friend who only fucks fat girls for their tits, and would say “She had huge tits” and I’d say “She had huge everything bro, especially an appetite, I mean shit…she’s huge”….I guess I just don’t love big tits more than I love skinny chicks…

We live in a world where there is so much more than tits…like asshole, you know it is the window to a girl’s soul…

To see some big titty sloppy legs that aren’t photoshopped CLICK HERE

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