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Demi Lovato Leaked Nude of the Day

I wish I could say that I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life….but I don’t even know who Demi Lovato is and whether she’s naked or not, these pics of her aren’t…and whether she was some bi-polar Disney chick or not…she’s not really posing like a bi-polar person should – all spread eagled and possessed because at the time it seems like a good idea…and this seems more like a cry for people to notice her fat ass trying to break out a second or third time because she constantly fails…without any fat ass being spread…it’s a bummer, because whether I know her or not, I can appreciate any Disney Bitch getting naked to get the attention her peers are getting…

That said, I’m posting it anyway!

The story behind the pics is that it was sent to CELEBSLAM by whoever is trying to sell her nudes…so thanks to those dudes for leaking it…we like that hustle.

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  • lol

    these are the worse celeb “nudes” ever

  • notafan

    If she is going to “leak” nude pics of herself then get a better photographer.

  • Tom

    That selfie of hers the other day got me more excited than this lol