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Joanna Krupa Posing in a Bikini Top with a Water Gun of the Day

Joanna Krupa is a squirter…and she’s into water sports…I mean that’s kinda what being a hooker is all about, you do what you can to get by…and in her case getting by involves being a whore Maxim model who scammed her way onto dancing with the stars…that led her to other shitty really shows and a rich boyfriend/husband to justify being on the reality show…all while remaining the very same whore she was as a 20 year old trying to make it…only at 50….and with a nicer house…I guess we can thank the communist work ethic her parents instilled in her after escaping communism…but I know I’d be happier if the gun in this picture was being used to exterminate trash like her from this otherwise beautiful world that doesn’t need more vapid useless materialistic cunts with fake tits.

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  • cowbulls

    I’d like to squirt her with my hose.