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Jodie Marsh Topless and Silly in ZOO of the Day

Glamour model Jodie Marsh is ridiculous looking….in both face and tits..in the kind of way you really have to try to understand how she came to be. It’s like girls who look like this actually exist and aren’t just drawn up in comic books…shit is weird, but then again so is the whole UK Glamour model movement…all these low level trashy pigs with tits they are willing to show…getting some level of celebrity and famous/rich husbands in the process when really they should be dancing for 10 dollars a song…it just confuses me…but I guess I should know by now that tits get hits..and these tits…are just fuckin’ stupid…like some kind of novelty caliber tit…that I just can’t stop staring at.

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  • It hurts me to look at her nipples, you think boob job technology would improve the slap and paste nips. groooosssss

  • Margababatoot

    The wonk tits I can deal with, the wonk face is more off-putting

  • Jim Bob

    I know she gets a lots of nasty comments but I still would. Wouldn’t tell anyone but that’s my truth. I bet most of you would too……if you could keep it secret!