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Barbara Palvin’s Suggestive Teenage Lingerie Pics of the Day

I have a hard time calling Victoria’s Secret lingerie, because it’s more the kind of mass produced underwear that is shaped like lingerie, but made to give a bitch a yeast infection. You know straight up low grade shit mass produced in sweatshops around the third world to allow the company to have cheap as fuck product that they can pretend is worth 50 dollars…so that they can get a dozen hot as fuck models on million dollar a year payroll….you know how these things work…and that is find the third world model when she’s 17, get her half naked at 18, and by 19…get her in your sluttier collection, the collection fat moms buy to surprise their husband on their anniversary, even though the only surprise their husband really wants is a call from the police letting them know bitch died in a horrible accident…or the option to fuck other girls…

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  • cowbulls

    That is facial material.