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Elisabetta Canalis Bikini Pics of the Day

If you care what George Clooney pussy that is no long George Clooney pussy and that was only George Clooney pussy for a very short period of time, probably while a lot of other pussy, and maybe even some man pussy, because actors are narcissists who love themselves and fuck anything that feeds their ego, not to mention it’s a pretty fucking gay profession, even if they are marketed as men’s men…remember Rock Hudson, that motherfucker died of AIDS and it wasn’t from fucking hot dirty whores…it was from taking it in the pooper…

Never believe what they tell you….

But definitely believe that this ass looks pretty good in a bikini, it’s not as hair or fat as most Italian widows I know, you know since her opportunist ass, the one in this bikini, lost her potential husband / meal ticket, when Clooney fired her….

Who cares. Seriously.

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  • I bet she likes to take it in the C-anal-is.