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Jennifer Aniston’s Stripper Scenes from We’re the Millers of the Day

I don’t mind watching Jennifer Aniston trying to strip, because she’s horrible at this stripper shit, and since she’s won at life, it’s nice to see her fail at such a major scale…I’m talking on the big screen for everyone to ridicule, even though I know people are idiots and probably love the shit, even though she’s pushing 60 years old, and is clearly too old for this shit…not that you can ever be too old for stripping, some of my favorite strippers, the real desperate kind, are in their 50s…because they don’t have to take nights off cuz of that pesty period….like Jennifer Aniston…and they don’t even have a body nearly as good as Aniston, who spends hours a day on this shit, because the second she loses it, she won’t matter anymore….

Either way, based on her moves, she’s probably a really shitty fuck…but Brad Pitt could have told you that…and that was before menopause…

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  • Thumper01

    Jennifer is my Goddess!!

  • tony

    she is so hot