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Ireland Baldwin Springbreaker Pug Booty of the Day

Ireland Baldwin is hilarious….as she finds her “sex appeal”…and delivers it to the world via the internet…like so many girls before her have been doing….you know a bit of a teen with an identity crisis thanks to her dad shitting on her as a 10 year old…but coupled with having all the money in the world..but a drive to differentiate herself from her really successful parents…leveraging their contacts, which is fine, it’s what everyone with connections does…but the good news is at 17…she’s posting amazing shit like her booty’ pippin’ cuz as much as I hate talking to 17 year olds because they are retards…their asses are usually a girl’s prime…perky, round, and not saggy and dumpy with a slowed down metabolism…now I don’t get Ireland Baldwin hot, she’s big and awkward, but I do find her instagram hot…cuz she produces the fucking goods on her quest to be a babe…but maybe that’s just because I’m into #pugs, #puglife and got my own negro #pug so whenever I see pugs I get pumped…or maybe it’s just the package fucking deal…who cares.

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  • cowbulls

    Maybe that idiot father of hers will be good for something and scare away the guys so that tail will still be tight going forward.
    I’m not sure how it would affect my erection knowing that if one of my swimmers broke thru that I could have that ass clown Alex for a grandparent to my child.