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Nina Agdal Catalog Pics of the Day

So if you are a water head with a body hot enough to get a modelling contract to pay for your assisted retard living that leads to banging Adam Levine…when he is broken up with the Victoria’s Secret model he is slated to marry…you will end up a catalog model…for a company that is not quite Victoria’s Secret, you know a little lower on the status scale, not that Victoria’s Secret is high end, but Victoria’s Secret is what all these cunts aspire to work for…so when I look at her not only do I see a groupie tainted by Adam Levine, a guy girls may love, but I can’t stand because his shitty pop music pollutes my life…but also a bitch who wasn’t even good enough for Adam Levine, who just comes in second…and sometimes the second place girl is the easiest one to fuck.

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  • cheds

    So does she have down syndrome or something? Her face looks like she might have an extra chromosome or two..just sayin’

  • cowbulls

    I love her body. The hell with her face. If I screwed her a dozen times I would never use her face as her ass is the destination.