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Iggy Azalea Nipples in Her New Video of the Day

Smoke and mirrors, piles of make-up, fat ass stripper who made it as a hipster girl rapper, because she rocks her videos in her stripper costumes she probably couldn’t afford back when she was stripping, but now that she’s got a record deal, she can be the Lady Gaga of pop rap music, Iggy Azalea, just released a new video, people love it, and I just like that you can see her nipples in the first scene but then again, nipples are timeless, but this bullshit is just some fad shit I can’t even bother listening to…but as shit as it is, you gotta respect that she’s getting naked on the big stage now…cuz naked makes girls matter…and if you don’t believe me, just email me nudes and I’ll prove it.

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