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Kelly Brook’s Bikini at 16 for Instagram of the Day

Kelly Brook posted the above picture to her instagram saying something along the lines of “My first shoot at 16″….to either prove to the haters that she’s got tits…or to cater to the pervert creeper fans..by given them something semi-illegal to jerk off to…or to let us all know she’s been a half naked, using her body to get ahead since she was a kid….you know when other kids were getting an education, her and her parents, if she even has parents, cuz I am going to assume by the bikini modelling at 16, she didn’t….were whoring her out…I mean usually girls only learn how to whore in their early 20s when all else fails…but this Kelly Brook has a solid 3 decades invested in this…

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  • Steve

    “Kelly Brook has a solid 3 decades invested in this…” Not even close. Your maths is rubbish. She’s 33 now, so if she started modelling at 16 that makes 17 years.