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Kendall Jenner Bikini Models of the Day

Turns out that Kendall Jenner isn’t quite built like a Kardashian, she’s longer and leaner, and more athletic at 17…but ultimately, she’s 17 and most girls are tighter at 17, but more importantly, she’s still a fucking Kardashian, and would be celebrated the day their house burnt down and no one escaped alive, just because of the association she has to the family, and her ability to spread on the DNA of their whore, fame obsessed mother…

She has this idea that she’s going to be a bikini model, or a Victoria’s Secret model, and she’s out there hustling hard, working for shitty low level companies, but her face, reminds me of the ugly Kardashian, meaning this shit is just spoiled brat dreams, like when a rich kid with a guitar’s dad record an album for him…only the half naked, she’s 17, you won’t mind staring, while her mom won’t mind any fucking buzz she gets version.

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  • cowbulls

    I hope she doesn’t share the “whore for black cock” gene like Kim.

  • Rosarch

    Sorry cowbulls, she has a black boyfriend.