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Kate Upton By James Webber of the Day

I think it is safe to assume that these pictures of Kate Upton that have been circulating the last couple of days are a few years old…because she doesn’t have the bloated fat girl face the world seems to love and not realize is a bloated fat girl face…but rather market aggressively because her tits get hits…even if they are sloppy and just fat girl in training tits….

She’s got an awkward body, she’s overrated and overexposed, she proves that to go viral or to be popular, you don’t need to have any real talent or skill, you just need the right media outlets brainwashing their retards…and everything about her pretty much annoys me…because she doesn’t deserve all this..but ultimately, I can step back from that rage and look at her tits…in a bra..I’m talented like that….

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  • Tyler

    Whenever people hate on her for being fat it just comes off as desperate and pathetic. Stop trying to cultivate controversy