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Irina Shayk is Naked Enough for Fashion of the DAy

Irina Shayk is a great reminder that buying a mail order bride can be an amazing thing if you strike lucky with one of the hot ones, which you usually do, since Russia has a whole lot of really good looking girls with no soul looking for a better life, trying to escape, who don’t have the means to be a next top model and who haven’t been abducted by the human trafficking industry to work on fucking on cam sites….not that girls really have a choice in that…but Irina Shayk must have, because she chose the right dude to be a beard for, and look at her now, getting naked for fashion, like a real model, after being in countless bikini campaigns, including SI Swimsuit…rather than getting naked for perverts like us in a different, more interactive setting, where we can ask her to pee for us…on command…and if she doesn’t…her handler will make sure she doesn’t say no again…

Russia..is a magical place…with a magical people…and Irina Shayk is just one of them….

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  • cowbulls

    That woman should be having sex every day with as many men as possible. She is built for sex.