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Nina Agdal in a Swimsuit Video of the DAy

Nina Agdal is Adam Levine’s penis reject. She also looks like she has Down’s Syndrome, making me thing that either she comes at the right price, with the right level of exposure or name, you know the discount retard work program version….but then I think maybe she’s just the bikini world’s way of saying “Hey Retards can Float Too, we got you covered in all your bikini needs”…you know scouring the world for that one retard with a hot body that the orderly didn’t knock up one night when she escaped the institution….but then I realize…she’s probably not retarded at all and the only thing retarded about her and that forehead, is the choices in dudes she groupies on for fame….not cuz they reject her, but cuz she let him in her…unprotected…

EIther way, this is some fashion video she did that I stole

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