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Kendall Jenner for Agua Bendita of the Day

She’s finally made it…

Kendall Jenner, aspiring Victoria’s Secret model, with a broken down Kardashian Face, who is not hot at all, and only has a good 17 year old body to carry her through this Victoria’s Secret model dream, has been booked to model swimwear for some company that I assume is owned by Victoria’s Secret, because they lend them their models all the time, and that would only happen, if they had a big piece of the pie…and not the pie Kendall never got at the dinner table because the big Kardashian ate all of it…

So I guess this is step one of mom’s whoring….and I guess Agua Bendita’s first step in child pornography….because when my neighbor gets 17 year olds half naked…the police aren’t huge fans….

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  • Wow

    She’s the most beautiful, truly naturally beatiful of them all, and I hope she won’t get a boobjob like her YOUNGER sister did.

  • Rosarch

    She is so fucking hot, nothing like those other pig sisters of hers.

  • mick

    please take her away, no more of this so called family, about as hot as my dick in sarah jessica parker, feel the pain

  • DKNY

    She’s obviously way more attractive than any of the other Kartrashian family, but she’s still got their blood, so I’m sure she’ll turn out gross.

    As for her age, 17 is legal in most of the country, so who cares.