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Chrissy Teigen’s Vagoina Raspberries of the DAy

For those of you who don’t know…Chrissy Teigen doesn’t like me….She even took to her shitty food blog to WRITE ABOUT HOW IT FEELS BEING CALLED OUT FOR BEING A GOLD MINING FAME WHORE WHO DOESN”T GET WORK AND WHO SHOULD JUST GET KNOCKED UP SO WE CAN ALL FORGET ABOUT HER …..

And now she’s giving Brooklyn Decker Vagina Raspberries, or what Bill Cosby calls Zurberts…where you press your lips on a pussy, or really any flesh and blow…

This would possibly be more exciting if these girls weren’t 100 year olds hanging onto the looks that made them money…even if those looks aren’t all that good…and more importantly…landed them dudes who make actual money…not Chrissy Teigen’s booking one job a month at 4k a day….money….

Either way…Vagina Raspberries look fun….even when has been garbage who has fallen off the rails participate…we call this “I’ll do anything for attention, just watch”….

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