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Madonna in a Thong for Terry Richardson of the Day

I am not a Terry Richardson fan site, but I am enough of a fan of Terry Richardson to appreciate that even though he’s scaled down his crackhead hipster porn shit that made him who he is, and that I’m sure we’ve all masturbated to at least once, to make himself more marketable, so that he can make more money and have more access…as the world’s top fashion photographer…but more importantly to know that getting Madonna in a thong is a play on his shock value, getting random homeless girls to insert weirdness in their vaginas, for the snapshot…it’s a more refined, subtle and vile version of his hardcore…cuz Madonna in a thong, is probably one of life’s greatest tragedies…even though we all know we’d totally stick our faces in it after pulling it out of the trash outside the photo studio this was shot at…knowing she’s lost control of her bowels thanks to being 100 fucking years old….

Terry Richardson may get a lot of slack for banging his models, even if he doesn’t actually bang the models, but rather models throw themselves at him because he’s Terry Richardson, and girls are whores….I can safely say Madonna, despite being hungry for any form of penis, and despite some of the more disgusting girls he’s had sex with, probably didn’t make the cut, even though she’s Madonna, because she’s just that vile…even though I’d crawl into her womb and snuggle up to her HPV ridden cervix if given the opportunity, but I have no standards and let’s face it, she’s still Madonna…


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  • Siegfried Ottendorfer

    Ugh… Granny ass!