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Lindsay Lohan’s Hard Nipple for Instagram of the Day

Lindsay Lohan used to be the most random friend I ever had…she’d text me everyday and every night for over 6 months, until one day we finally met, she did some crackhead shit, and more importantly, I didn’t try to play with her amazing tits, and I never heard from her again, but more importantly, I never forgave myself for not playing with her amazing tits…and like you, I’m forced to stare at them on instagram pics she posted, rather than hate them as I tend to the herpes I caught from her, that seemed like a good idea at the time, because it was fucking Lohan at her prime, before fully falling off, a girl you’d all want to get herpes from, until she’s long out of the picture, but the herpes aren’t..them shits for life…yo…

So whenever I see her, I remember what was, appreciate what is, but cry on the inside, for never having touched such luxurious and amazing breasts…it’s not the first time I’ve failed as a man, but it’s up there as the worst time I’ve failed as a man….

I am still a Lohan Fan….and I am waiting for her to win that Oscar…

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  • LolleyGagger

    …and now so are mine!

    Actually didn’t think she had the nipples to do it.
    Any nudes of them are usually flat and pink.

  • Joe

    Nice nipples !! That looks like the old Irish bar in Huntington around the corner from the Paramount theater rear entrance (JT Carringtons 10 Elm street Huntington Long Island) I’m a sound engineer we in there all the time when working concerts the Paramount, Twisted Sister’s Christmas Show, Elvis Costello etc.

  • Travis

    It must be a full-time job keeping track of all the times you’ve failed as a man.

  • Ren

    God she looks old.