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Anastasia Ashley Does the Kim Kardashian Fake Selfie of the Day

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian posted a photoshopped picture that she pretended was a selfie, but that was clearly a picture taken by a photographer, and edited by a photographer, because Kim Kardashian is a lying famewhore pig who doesn’t fuck around with her “social media”…because you have a team of people who do it for you…and when they do…they try to get as much buzz as possible…because the Kardashians are finally falling off, unfortunately not a dying breed, but still irrelevance is looking and that excites me…but not as much as if OJ took them out instead of his actual wife back in the 90s.

Last night, the lovely pro surfer Anastasia Ashley, who clearly has a “good sense of humor”…decided to show the world that “sense of humor”…with a pic of how a white one piece is meant to look on a bitch taking a selfie in front of a room divider…it’s like what can’t this babe do…from big wave surfing during the day, to taking bikini selfies that make fun of the lowest pile of shit in the corner of pop culture…and I guess we shouldn’t look too much into it, but rather we should look in her soul, by way of her fit, round, surfer ass I would, and have tried to chip a tooth on at least once…

The whole thing was so well played and I am not just saying that because she is the love of my life, my favorite person, my soul mate who just doesn’t know it yet, the girl I write love songs and love poetry about locking in my basement after drugging her and abducting her in my van because it shows how much I care even when she doesn’t cooperate or give back…and I just hope her next play is a sex tape starring me, that we film tonight…after we get married…like I was lyonsada….connected at the soul like it soul like it was Final Destination 5….

All this to say, she’s so silly and I got a kick out of this pic…post more….and by post more I mean…let me get you pregnant.

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  • INdian Summer

    drunkenfather, have you actually considered yourself to be over weight ?

  • P.P. Douglas

    Kardashian did it better. I couldn’t give a putrid ass shit about butts, Kim gave a decent look at her foot arches, this disappointed.

  • CMN

    This chick has a nice ass, but is a total butterface. It’s already getting old with this chick…I mean, her ass is nice, but the rest of her is pretty average. The fact that she is so in love with herself is annoying.

  • Phillip McCracken

    difference here is….. shes not a fat pig looking like shes getting ready to go wallow around in a pig sty all day, shes actually got talent at her chosen career, shes not fucking a talentless arrogant piece of dogshit, she hasnt birthed the anti christ, and she doesnt look like someone lit her face on fire and put it out with a frying pan.

  • SlapHappy

    This girl is MUCH hotter than that deformed fat ass Kardashian. Not even close. If you think she is a butter face you need to leave your parents basement and look at real girls. She is hot.

  • Rosarch

    Love, her, she is hot, nice body, great ass and has fun with her fame.