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Some Never Before Seen Madonna Nudes of the Day

The story goes like this…in 1977 Madonna wasn’t Madonna yet and she, like so many girls before her and after her who have tits and a vagina, decided to do some nude photos, whether to help pay the rent, or because she thought she was hot enough and it made her feel appreciated, or maybe she was trying to leverage herself into some sort of next level…and what it comes down is her motivation doesn’t matter. I am just glad it happened….

I wonder why it took so long for these pics to be released, I would have been up on this when she was at her peak, not when she peaked in terms of age…..I mean she’s got an awesome fucking bush…that should have been shared years ago…and not now that we need to wish had a time machine to appreciate the social climbing fame whore that was..

This is kinda like jerking off to your grandma’s bikini pics….it’s almost as though we’re not even looking at the same fucking person…but 1977 was a good year and more importantly I like how it reminds us how old as fuck Madonna is…

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  • mick

    Saw these years ago. Ask her if she still has the big bush.

  • cowbulls

    I don’t think her looks have ever been questioned. She has always been a great piece of ass. The problem is she is a total whack job and not in a good way. She needs to keep her liberal mouth shut unless it has a dick in it.