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Genevieve Morton is Fat of the Day

There is a terribly sad trend going on in bikini models – they are all eating too much salt, or just eating too much…

This Genevieve Morton chick probably got cast by this company who booked her from her hot pics of yesteryear…before Kate Upton told her it’s ok to be plus sized…because dudes who buy magazines are into fat chicks…cuz they are married to even fatter chicks…comparatively…these are babes……not knowing they were getting a pig…only to get a big old pig…unable to re-schedule because budget was spent..they just went with it…despite what they actually wanted.

Call me old school, but I like my bikini models to be fit…I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting a girl who does her squats in a bikini and paying her…but I do think there’s a whole lot wrong with getting a girl who looks like she ate her weighted squat weight in donuts…in a bikini…

The funny thing in all this is that she’s gonna be in SI Swimsuit this year. High Standards yo…

Someone needs to give me a magazine, where I will recruit actual fucking babes…not girls who played Babe pig in the City in their church Christmas pageant…while eating a plate of pork products…seriously.

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  • Betty Rose

    What sad fucking arseholes you are. Seriously. I suggest when looking for HOT GIRLS to wank off to you look at pictures of women in concentration camps in WW2 because THEY would be the type of thin you are after. And I have no doubt you all look like a bag of pig shit on the back of a truck because actual MEN would desire this woman big time. Maybe you are confused about your sexuality – but you know what – desiring 12 year old girls is illegal – just a heads up. Look, I understand that finding any women to even look at you without vomiting is hard, and yes, that is sad – but it’s no good taking it out on a beautiful VERY slim woman like this. Maybe go kick your mother for giving birth to you – that may cheer you up a bit.
    You’re welcome by the way!

  • Adam

    I agree with Betty Rose

  • Rufus O.

    I like a woman with curves over skin and bones any day of the week. I’m not even joking … I see women walking the street that I’m far more attracted to than the vast majority of these emaciated-looking Victoria’s Secret models. Do you seriously call this “fat”? I guess that applies to anything above a size 0 in your book.

  • TJ

    I hope you have a daughter one day. Maybe then you’ll understand.

    Otherwise, you’ll probably have a dead daughter.

  • Travis

    I wouldn’t say she’s fat but she could stand to lose a good 20 lbs.