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Genevieve Morton Topless for Eats Channel of the Day

Genevieve Morton is topless for Eats Channel….you can see her nipple, which is nothing new as she struggled to find a life after Sports Illustrated sympathy swimsuit model that they didn’t have the heart to fire because I assume they feared she would kill herself, and what’s the harm in giving some big tits from South Africa some titty time in a few pics every issue, before deciding to part ways with her….what I am saying is that Genevieve Morton turned her career around….since it wasn’t quite a career….selling self produced nude calendars to the die hard fans…because when you’re a set of tits…figure out what your audience will pay you for, and hopefully it makes you 50k a year so that you can afford your rent..or in Maitland Ward’s case 50k a month to be a sex worker on Patreon…

Point being that Chris from EATS CHANNEL is a brilliant director, who produces th content we all grew up on, that was in Men’s Magazines and Carl’s Jr ads…and are now an Instagram Channel worth watching….

So whether he uses this DUD of a model with a shitty attitude or not…his content is good and for that we celebrate EATS CHANNEL


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Genevieve Morton is Naked of the Day

Genevieve Morton is apparently a sex worker now. Doing soft core nude photo shoots because no one gives a fuck about her…so at 35 she does what she’s gotta do to pay the rent and try to stay relevant instead of just being relevant.

I am all for girls getting nude, I think it’s a great state of the world, I have been calling whores whores forever, so it’s nice to see them live up to my expectations…but it still has a level of pathetic and desperate and we know there is deep sadness in her soul….

But who cares about her soul…when tits and Pussy are out for her self produced catalog pics since that’s the only money she can make…unless this is for something else…it’s Genevieve Morton and no one cares…


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31 Pics of Topless Genevieve Morton of the Day

I figure if a forgotten model who no longer works for the one company that gave her consistent unpaid work….Sports Illustrated….Who allowed her to be higher profile than all the other bikini models out there, in an era when not everyone was a bikini model….establishing a fan base for herself thanks to her big boobs….and who let her go a few years ago cuz she’s old and because there are so many more relevant girls getting naked on the social media they can use to try to stay relevant and not admit they are a dying entity thanks to everyone getting naked for free…

Gets out there and produce titty pics, of her big tits, in black and white so it’s not considered porn, but artistic nudes, to evoke emotion, to show you her pain and struggles navigating the world, getting to a point where she realizes “fuck it, I’ll just get naked after the decade of cockteasing”…only to limit the cocktease because without SI she virtually disappeared…

I consider it my duty to post all the pics and say “hey, go give Genevieve Morton some love”….she may be older, but looks better than she did for SI all those years, but that could just be the toplessness talking….

You can follow her at INSTAGRAM …and give her and her breasts a second chance to redeem themselves in her 30s….

Or you can click from her profile to all the 20 year olds getting naked…

Either way, instagram is where you’ll find countless things to jerk off to.

But this Genevieve Morton shoot is worthy of going viral for her, so help a girl out and pass it around….it’s not too late for her or her tits to have another chance at this titty career.

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Some Topless Model Trying to Survive of the Day

If you want to see what desperation on a 32 year old South African model who will remain nameless, like how when school shootings happen and the media try to block out the name of said shooter to not endorse him, celebrate him, or bring attention to him or his cause….

This is what desperation of a 32 year old South African model looks like…nude photos put out to the internet with her massive sloppy tits that gave her a career in the first place…finally exposed (again) to get people to remember she exists…even though no one cared she existed when she existed…

She lives in LA and has been trying hard for a decade or more to make it in America. She wants to act, she wants to matter, yet she releases calendars and tit pics because no one else bothers with her…

It’s like you can have the biggest platform for a set of tits, who used you in their magazine for a long fucking time, and still have to resort to artistic nudes like a 20 year old trying to make it on instagram…and it’s really just pathetic..

Figure it out girl…it’s the problem with old models, they don’t know how to be crafty or compelling in content, they just know how to show up and pull their tits out…which I don’t hate, I mean obviously I love tits, but I like to laugh about because I know that girls like this want so much more than to be putting out their tits..I mean there was a time people got paid 50k to get topless in Playboy and now they are doing it with the hope that people will still like and follow them.

Really sad times…step it up, you can do better…if you just try.

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Genevieve Morton Tits and Pussy of the Day

genevieve morton Nude Showing Pussy and Tits in the Bath

I avoid Genevieve Morton content….

I just find her a bad vibe…overall washed up, played out, not very memorable, fired from Sports Illustrated Swim that was her lifeline, what must be 3-4 years ago, who never quite made it but thinks that she did, but was outshined by Kate Upton who did make it.

I just find there’s a lot of negativity, and anger, and most importantly attitude, superiority complexes, thoughts that she’s hot as fuck, when really she’s just average, and really when she was at her peak…she was straight up fucking fat.

She’s entitled, likes being around rich people, thinks she’s got what it takes to sit at the rich person table and in doing that has a bad snobby energy that shouldn’t be there because she’s really not that great…

I’ve been watching her fall off and try to get back up…every year another year older…she’s quit drinking, turned to fitness…is still angry at the world…

She’s tried blogging, or fucking being an influencer, but not getting paid too well and when offered deals…she turns on you and thinks she’s worth more than she is…making no one want to work with her…

She’s just sitting around googling herself and the only thing she’s got is this taking nude pics for the fans…that I guess she spins as not being shameless or sex work…while that is exactly what it is.

Her big titties are what the fans want to see, so show it to them, maybe they’ll buy your calendar that will pay your rent another year…rather than actually come up with a plan or a strategy….bottom feed that shit off poor dudes who bought into your tits when they used to wear bikinis…

This half naked / naked act has been going on for awhile to keep her as relevant as a forgotten model can be, to keep the fans engaged…because she does have fans…weirdos but still fans.

So next step…sex tapes maybe…I mean masturbating on Patreon or Premium Snapchat, it’d be the smart angle, but she thinks she’s too good for that, so instead she’ll pretend to be high brow…until she realizes she can be making 50k a month spreading her asshole to paying customers…and still pretend to be high brow..

It’s coming soon…and I’ll be into that more humble, less obnoxious Genevieve Morton….but until then…I’ll just hate on her for being a terrible vibe…

genevieve morton Nude Showing Pussy and Tits in the Bath



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Genevieve Morton’s Horrible Butt Shot of the DAy


I don’t know what the fuck Genevieve Morton was thinking when she posted this awkward, terrible, unattractive butt shot…

Why did Genevieve Morton decided to post this really terrible angle of her ass….I guess it doesn’t matter because she did it…..

Maybe she thinks it looks cute, is funny, read that being honest in her content would lead to more followers, but not quite grasping the kind of honest people want….

Maybe she’s back to drinking, or maybe she’s just losing her fucking mind with the whole turning 30, forcing her to release nude calendars, and really trying to put herself out there, as she self destructs….sinking ship…

Throwing shit at the wall as hard as she can, the only way she can, getting naked, and hoping something sticks…but shit like this…bad tan lines on what looks like a terrible ass…a man ass for her instagram….is not the kind of selfie we like…girl needs to get a creative director – too bad she’s too snobby, too egotistical, and thinks she top notch….to actually collaborate on things that could help her….instead she’s putting this crap that is just missing a piece of dangling shit hanging out of her ass by a hair to make it good….

If she wanted ass pictures to go viral…I can think of 40 ideas…involving her ass, that aren’t the sex tape she will probably put out soon enough..that would make this bitch shine…and make this much money but her head is too far up her ass…her weirdly shot ass…to make it work…terrible.

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Genevieve Morton’s Nude Calendar for One More Hurrah of the Day


I wasn’t going to bother posting these pics, because I asked Genevieve to send them to me weeks ago – and instead she told me to buy her calendar, really bitch? You’re not that fucking important. but yet she thinks she is…and doesn’t realize she needs all the help she can get to be relevant in this tail end of her career…

She is old and desperate and I guess has been working out – because she’s far less fat – so she figured she might as well monetize or maximize her naked body – at 30 – before it’s too late for anyone to give a shit – since people already don’t give a shit…and she’s likely not making all that much money – so self produce a calendar with your photographer boyfriend and hope for the fucking best…and I guess we should all encourage her and be happy she didn’t wait until she was 35 to do this…

The fact is she looks better than ever and should be naked at all times – not because she’s a sex worker, even though bikini models are close to being sex workers, but because all women should be naked at all times so that I can stare at their clits….clits you can’t really see..in these pics…but I’m sure she made the fortune from all her fans buying these….very naked but still not naked enough – calendars in an era where the calendar is pretty obsolete…with pussy pics – with no pussy in them – TRAGIC…but I guess she hasn’t fully thrown in the towel yet, still has a few more fails to go before the sex tapes…I’m ready…and staring at the great tits until that happens…

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Genevieve Morton’s No Longer Fat – But She Is Old of the Day


I used to make fun of Genevieve Morton for being fat, but I think that brought us closer together, I think a good old fashioned body shaming with an element of genuine concert – reminds people that they’ve fallen off and allows them to evaluate their life and make positive changes – like eating better, quitting drinking and getting fit, especially when they are trying to be working models…so in a lot of ways I am a fucking hero…

People who never criticize people but instead just encourage them – aren’t doing the person any favors…so today a few years after ripping into her…we can say “holy fuck that body is amazing, I want it in my mouth…rubbing against my face, soaking my beard”…magical…

And despite her being over 30, old as fuck in the model world…she’s given her tits new life…so remember aging women out there…stay fit…it makes you more than just tolerable…it makes you amazing…and someone I want to drown on after they sit on my face in anger for my mean posts all these years…

So Genevieve if you’re out there..you’re magical and amazing..

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Genevieve Morton for the Lingerie of the Day


This may be a pretty shitty campaign for what I assume is a pretty shitty underwear company featuring Genevieve Morton….

I don’t know how recent this is, but I do keep track of Genevieve Morton, or at least her body fat composition, as I do with most busty Sports Illustrated models going into their 30s…I like to see how they either fall apart, or step it the fuck up and start working out so that they have a few more years in them before ultimately doing what all models with big tits do…and end up getting knocked up by a rich guy…

Now I can’t make a statement on all the various rich guys she’s already had in her vagina in her career as a Sports Illustrated model, which is a career that involves working 10-15 days a year…giving her a lot of time to spend looking at her vagina and figuring out what random things to put in her vagina…I mean…we’ve all been unemployed losers…most of us still are…and all we could do that was free was jerk off all day…

Well, I guess there comes a time in every chronic masturbating person’s life where they figure “it’s now or never, I better cash the fuck in when I can”….so she got fit, something she needed to do because she was getting so fat, she was almost too far gone….and I encourage all fat girls who are on the verge of irrelevance to follow Genevieve Morton’s lead…because being superficial enough to get fit because your life and future depends on it is the only choice..

In other news, it looks like she’s got diarrhea

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Genevieve Morton Getting Naked of the Day


Genevieve Morton is on a mission to get people to care about her – and she’s taken my advice by hitting the fucking gym – because there was a year or two where she was following her nemesis’ big titty lead – we call it “doing the kate upton” where she just got fatter and fatter – but thanks to not being in SI Swim, the only thing she’s ever done, and a little body shaming – led to some cross fit – and good eating – and a little effort – she looks like a totally different person, still has great tits…which is more evidence than we needed that choosing health and fitness – makes you easier to jerk off to – that dying and fat – but not quite up there with skinny and on hard drugs – too weak to run….you see cuz strong girls can hurt me when I call them names…and I’m not into getting hurt…I mean unless it was from Genevieve Morton looking like this – suffocating me out sitting on my face…

I guess what I am saying is that – at 29 – hit the fucking gym instead of giving up and you’ll have another year barely working as a model…as people will appreciate staring at the tits…

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