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Lady Gaga’s Naked ass for Jeff Koons Photoshoot of the Day

The fun thing about Lady Gaga falling apart, craving attention, hoping to have a second round at the fame is that she’s exhausted all her stupid high concept ideas…and people are bored of anything crazy or wild thing that she does end up coming up with…leaving her with the basic choice of many bottom feeding girls looking to get some level of attention, noticed, a second wind…and that’s by getting naked…not because she’s hot or cuz I want to see her naked…even though I don’t mind her ass and have grabbed at it at least once while drunk before she was famous…it’s that it represents self-destruction, the end, and most importantly, it’s naked and I’ll look at any girl naked…even if she’s a horrible human being, because guess what…most naked girls are…

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  • Killtacular

    First of all, you stupid yuck, LAdy Gaga made her way, on her own, without resorting to porn to get off the ground.

    Unlike that trashy slut Tila Tequila, Lady Gaga actually has talent and ambition.

    Oh, and this is tasteful nudity, not porn. You’d do well to learn the difference, dipshit.

  • ThatGuy

    … That’s porn.

  • phil

    careful, the fags gets defensive if you trash her…

    But she is a manufactured idiot for sure.

  • xyz

    @Killtacular – go take ur pills, mate

  • Cory

    She’s not very attractive and using the nudity to get press is sharp. At least she has viable musical talent. Kim Kartrashian has ZERO talent. NONE. Can’t act, sing, perform, play an instrument, or anything else. She used intentionally released sex tapes with bruvahs to get famous. Pathetic. She’s the bottom of the barrel but the idiotic press and public chooses to pay attention to that pig. I respect Lady GaGa far above that pig.

  • ?