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Kate Moss Dressed as an Old Playboy Bunny – Literally – for Playboy of the Day

For some reason, a reason I call Playboy marketing budget, people are all talking about this picture of Kate Moss for Playboy’s anniversary, which based on Hef, I can only assume is the 200 year anniversary…because Playboy got her in one of their Bunny costumes…and I guess that’s a big deal…even if you look into the Kate Moss archives of being the best fucking model ever…with her rockstar life and rockstar unprotected sex…from having been naked in photoshoots since the 90s…to continuing to show off her tainted pubed up vagina into her 50s…she is 50 right?…to cocaine scandals and sex scandals…seeing her in a Playboy bunny outfit is fucking tame…

If Playboy wants to make some noise, you know really go out with a bang before Hef dies, they need to pay better people, who aren’t all naked everywhere for their campaign, even if I love everything Kate Moss does…she’s just fucking perfect even in her menopausal, boxy, bloated, glory…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Fuck if she is not the hottest bitch to walk the planet. She can, literally, do no wrong. She could cut my fucking left arm off with a dull butter knife and I would be happy that she left me my right arm to jerk off with. I would crawl over broken glass for a mile, simply to lick the toilet she just took a taco induced shit in.

    I like Kate Moss.

  • Phillip McCracken

    Lets be real. People have a limited amount of time to do things like playboy. In reference to women, once they get past a certain age, no amount of airbrushing is going to help. Kate moss is one of those. I fully respect the decision not to do nudity or pose nude. Emma stone and courtney cox I believe are 2 that have stated that, sarah jessica parker maybe as well. But if thats your choice dont recind it when u become old and disgusting. Ie kate moss. Where even with a kim kardashian sized assload of airbrushing will not help. Keep ur clothes on.

  • MrSatyre

    I think it was the early 90’s when I said this last about her: “She actually looks pretty good.”

  • Rosarch

    This chick is ugly and emaciated, always has been and nothing but a whore and a crackhead. I never understood the fascination with her.

  • foetus

    ^^^^this idiot says “whore” and “crackhead” like they are BAD things

  • Phillip McCracken

    I agree, crackhead whores suck the best dick and they are way cheaper than an escort service or regular hookers. U can pay them off for the price of one or 2 hits and if they are fiending hardcore they can suck a golfball thru a garden hose. Best blow jobs for the lowest cost. By far.