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Naked Kim Kardashian for the New Kanye Video of the Day

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Nothing’s more hip hop than releasing your new video, starring your fat naked wife and baby momma, on Ellen…shit’s hard…yo.

It’s at that point in your Hip Hop career where you realize you’re nothing but a fame whore reaching for as much attention as possible…you gone as mainstream as possible…and there’s nothing really wrong with that…because let’s face it, he got Simulated sex on Ellen, which is an amazing troll….better than any troll you’ve done.

What there is something wrong with is that he’s’ being a bitch making his video vixens 35 year old fat chicks he’s knocked up, instead of Emily Ratajkowski…his last Video vixen who you all saw what happened to…but I guess when you’re fucking Kim Kardashian…milk the tabloid fodder as hard as you can because it will get you more views…

Maybe, this is just an extreme example of how his bitch has him by the balls…you know like when your girl catches you talking to other girls and you post a pic of you and her on your instagram to make her feel special…or maybe this pleasing your fat wife on a serious level…in just feeding into their lie….

The simulated sex…is pretty interesting though…not in a hot way…but in a this shit is on ELLEN…and Ellen probably shot her load 8 times watching it…because lesbians shoot loads….

The song’s good, I liked the cameo of the other Kardashians galloping in the intro, and the video’s kind of amazing despite Kim Kardashian’s big back being the sex object….

Here are some pics of Kim…in a mesh shirt to celebrate.


Here’s the uncensored video….

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  • LJ Wolf

    There are no comments because, there are ‘NO WORDS’ for how stupid this video is. It’s the most laughable video ever made. It’s not even realistic. Why doesn’t he keep Kim naked in the bedroom? Nobody wants to see ‘that’ on a make believe motorcycle ride with a fake screen bouncing out of sync with Genius and FatKye!
    Is this really a video he paid money for? If so, Nick Night has exploited Genius big time. 5 stars down for the most ridiculous video of a LIFETIME! It could of had any woman in it. It’s still STUPID! Unbelievable! Fictional Garbage!
    Genius’s music career is DEAD!

  • Joe McCraft

    Video best viewed with sound off.

  • Mick

    Hate on me if you want but this is a great example of why people hate blacks, or whatever they wish to call themselves, trying to do things that just piss people off.

  • Roger

    Hate on me if you want, but Mick, you are a prick