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Some More of the Kendall Jenner Nips of the Day

So it took Kendall Jenner 16 days from turning 18 to wear or at least publish a picture of her nipples in a see through shirt…and it was good strategy because she’s been whored since she was 12…and really showing her nipples in a see through shirt…playing it off as fashion or art or photography, like Kim played off the sex tape as being an accident…is a good way to not look like a attention craving tool in the toolbox that is the Kardashian empire…holding on and staying relevant by shoving their nonsense down our throats..I mean 18 year old nipples aren’t that much of a scandal now that girls fuck at 9…either way, I liked the ass shot..

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  • Phillip McCracken

    Its really a shame simon monjack didnt marry kendall jenner instead of brittany murphy

  • Another wall-eyed skank from the ugliest family in America. Yay?

  • cowbulls

    I’d say she is the best so far but she will eventually turn into a whale.