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Weird Topless Gillian Anderson Pic of the Day

Gillian Anderson posed with an Eel….not for Japanese Eel porn cameo, because the Japanese Eel porn industry is lucrative enough to hire someone like Gillian Anderson to be their featured guest…it’s for Charity…not that Eel porn isn’t charity, just not an official Charity….

The charity is called FISHLOVE and it is not some vaginal reference..it is for saving the oceans because the ocean is the foundation of our world…and I am actually a huge supporter of saving the oceans because our climate depends on it…

So I’m into this Gillian Anderson shit, but probably not for the same reasons as the x-file nerds who are pretending this eel is an alien..


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  • Siegfried Ottendorfer

    I read that Gillian Anderson suffers from depression and is ‘fond of the salty taste of sweaty sports pussy’.

  • beavis

    The Chinese are grabbing up every school of fish they can get their corrupted yellow hands on, using massive fish factory ships. Beat that, X files lady.

  • Whitney

    How does posing with a dead fish help save fish? If they love fish so much they should stop killing them and using them as photo props.