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Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram of the Day

Lindsay Lohan was in Miami and I didn’t see her…even if she was accused of being involved in beating up Barron Hilton and other silly scandals…including a few bikini pics…I should have been there to witness in person since I am in Miami but I guess she lost my number…

But at least I get to experience what she experienced in instagram…sure it’s not naked, sure it’s not even half naked, sure it’s not even hot and barely looks like Lohan, but as long as they say it’s her, and it’s on her instagram, it’s enough for me to feel like we were together…on more time…even when we weren’t’…I guess there’s always next time…ideally with more penetration, facials, full body massages…with happy beginnings and endings….

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  • J

    She looks so dirty and worn out. She’s been used up so many times, she has that permanent wet rag look that’s been hung out to to wrinkle and dry…someone please take that rag and throw it away before it stinks up the place! (Not like it hasn’t already)

  • Meat

    J you couldnt have said it better. Everything about her looks awful. From her legs to her armpits, her saggy used tits and her tired face. Dont even forget her rotten teeth! she had to get new ones!! what the fuck.