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Lady Gaga Naked Performance Art of the Day

Lady Gaga is out of control…or at least wants you to think she’s out of control, while she’s on some quest to go as high impact as possible so people notice her, even though she’s got herself some level of talent that got her to this level of fame in the first place, she figures she might as well just throw all that out the fucking window and do stupidities to turn herself into a fucking clown…which works for me when her clown performance involves her being tied up and hung from the ceiling naked…because any naked performance art that involves any girl tied the fuck up like a roast while naked…even when it involves garbage like Gaga…is worth looking at…even if her hanging from the rafters from a noose is probably better for society..

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Not good enough. I need to see her actual internal organs to be impressed with her edginess now.

    A razor blade across her midsection and coils of her intestines looping out would be a great start.

    Go ahead gaga, impress me!

  • beavis

    I saw this kind of thing in a porn once, hopefully she was beaten and not pleasured. And by once I mean probably 50 times.