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Lady Gaga and R-Kelly Behind the Scenes Picture of the Day

Terry Richardson is directing the R-Kelly and Lady Gaga video and he posted a behind the scenes picture of them in a white studio, Gaga in lingerie on all fours while Kelly pretty much overpower her…remaining me of every time Gaga went to the gay bathhouse back when she had a dick…

It’s not very controversial, it’s more like 3 people who are out of ideas coming together saying “anything we do will get watched, let’s just do what’s easy and what we don’t have to leave the studio for, I want to be done in an hour, I have naps to take”….

But I guess you can always imagine she’s about to get peed on, progressing in her artistic direction, into a place she should be…a place we call the “Kim Kardashian Urinal”…black guy peeing on overly famous for nothing white enough girls…

Who cares.

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  • Satchmo

    And I think to myself, one grenade, what a wonderful world.

  • juanhunglow

    what? no piss? is she too old?

  • harveyrabbit

    He’s peeing on the inside (of his pants).