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Candice Swanepoel’s Nude Vogue Promo Pic of the Day

Candice Swanepoel may not be a Christmas miracle sent from South Africa to make us questions whether we would do her despite the risk of her HIV thanks to the high AIDS rate and nature of her half naked career…even though she probably left South Africa a virgin…as the industry abducted her…I know, I’ve said this before…but I’d still dive deep and without condom in hopes of impregnating her..and convincing her to keep it because she may not have another chance…but in my defence I do that to random scragglier women who probably have more chance having AIDS than Candice Swanepoel…at least based on their herpes scabs…

Either way, here’s some pics of Candice’s Vogue shoot coming out soon…and she’s naked…OMG>

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  • Joe

    She looks like somthing out of the jungle all she needs is a bone through her nose. She was in a video dancing like a tribal Ubangi last week–UGLY UGLY.
    Why does a white Dutch woman want to look an African or West Indies stereotype ? Its an insult to black people !


  • Joe

    No miracle or virgin here Jesus
    I was married to one of these Dutch models (from St.Thomas the Virgin Islands) It was pure hell.
    She was a super liberal, walked around naked, fucked everbody including all my friends. All these Scandinavian bitches are this way and will run with anybody. The risk of AIDs, HEP and other shit is VERY high.
    Lucky the judge saw right through her and I didnt loose 1/2 my shit & money. I threw a huge party in the Hamptons with when it was all over–NEVER AGAIN !

  • Your just about as beautiful as can be and I love the theme of African Queen Deva. Do you ever interact and converse with common folk. You are precious but I’m a lowly public school teacher that adores you?.

  • Mark

    She looks like a bag of bones! I don’t need fatties but this chick looks like she hasn’t eaten in 3 years! Put some meat on that body and get back to me.